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    Delayed Coking Technology
    China Chemical Reporter             26Aug06

    The delayed coking technology for high-acid and high-calcium crude oil developed by CNPC EastChina Design Institute (CEI) passed the research achievement appraisal sponsored by CNPC Sci-Tech Evaluation Center at the end of June 2006.
    The technology developed on the basis of high-acid and high-calcium feedstock was first used in the 2.0 million t/a delayed coking unit in the expansion project of Sudan Khartoum Oil Refining Co., Ltd. It is the first coking unit in the world that uses the coking process to directly process high-acid and high-calcium poor-quality crude oil.
    CEI has for the first time in history used the process to take crude oil directly into coking units. In that case coking units have dual functions of atmospheric distillation and delayed coking. Many new technologies are used in the design of coking units. Not only is the energy consumption reduced, safety is also ensured and environmental protection requirements are satisfied. Because of the corrosion caused by naphthenic acid to different portions of coking units, CEI has selected suitable anticorrosive materials and optimized process conditions. Besides, the institute has also developed quite a few new technologies and for the first time in history used middle-section recycle oil as quenching oil to reduce oil/gas coking.

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    Charles Randall

    The article on CEI’s Coker technology for directly processing high acid and high calcium crude was sent in by Vince Guercio of the CBO (Carbon Black Oil) Monitor.  Although presented as a unique processing application the application is very similar to the application of upgrade cokers in the heavy oil Bitumen and Oil Sand regions of Canada & Venezuela.
    And Citgo used this type application where the used the Lemont (formerly Unocal) coker as crude distillation unit until crude unit was rebuilt over a year ago. 
    The increasing concentration of heavy crude oil which are often high acid crude’s introduce a range of challenges for the refining systems to deal with the problems and challenges. Processing North Sea crude’s was at the upper range of the high acid crude’s and although most of the Oil Sands and Bitumen upgrader cokers are at the lower end of the Acid crude ranges they have other combined quality challenges that have pushed technology as well. 

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    very recently i am assigned in to the marketing of the EPC business of the Indian Engineering Giant M/S.Larsen & Toubro Ltd. We are focusing on DCU packages in India and abroad. My friend told me that there are 18 DCU packages are on the way at Chinna. Can you help me to find more details?

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