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    Mrityunjay Singh

    Online Spalling (OLS)
    -Benchmarked the participants. EOR typically 1250F, 18-24hr spall time (oil in/out), & most thermocycle
    -High Na in feed can lead to hard coke and OLS difficulty

    Drum Venting
    -Group benchmark. Wide range of 1-15 psig drum pressure prior to opening vent.
    -Group estimates EPA will likely mandate <2 psig soon

    -Dont just monitor COT but also Drum vapor temp to ensure adequate cracking activity and less foam make for certain feeds (esp. hydrotreated/cracked feeds)
    -Refoam can result from unconverted feeds similar to above at end of cycle. Temp rate at end or higher COT may prevent this
    -Antifoam (AF) is best injected with a 180o opposed vertical nozzle with a small stub into the drum. However, side entry AF nozzles have been shown to have limited detrimental effect on AF performance.

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