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Delayed Coker Pump Seals

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    Hi, can anybody tell me what are the prefferd API seal plans for delayed coker unit pumps ? We are in the design phase and could use your experienced input.

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    Claus Graf

    You will find this Flowserve document useful:

    Regards, CG

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    Ken Osment

    Care must be taken when looking at these recomendations as the DSTHF is especially prone to erosive degrdation th the the areas of the interstage bushing and second stage hub. We have taken extraordinary measures to try and design this suseptability out of this design, but have decided a three stage or greater pump with a properly designed piston assembly is the way to go. The DSTHF or HVX are good choices if erosion is not an issue.

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    Ken Osment

    We utilize an API plan 32 with plans 62/65 on the containment seal.

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