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Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig Explosion

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    Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig Explosion
    Posted on 21 April 2010   (see article @
    An explosion in an oil drilling rig, named as Deep Water Horizon, caused anarchy in the Gulf of Mexico nearly fifty miles away from the coast of Louisiana. At the time of explosion the oil rig was carrying out routine oil surveying activities. The explosion was accompanied by a heavy fire afterwards that resulted in injuring many workers which were working at the rig. More than twelve workers were reported missing from the scene by the coast guard.
    Billy Nunguesser the president of the British Plaquemines Parish Co. said that the hundred and twenty six workers on board abandoned the rig by jumping into the water and some used life boats to evacuate the area.
    The injured personnel received paramedical facilities on two inquiry ships. The vessels had limited medical supplies. Many workers with critical conditions were transported to the hospitals via air support. The US coast guard searched for the missing personnel by boats and helicopters.
    Till now no reports of any casualties in the rig explosion have been confirmed.
    Five years ago a similar explosion incident occurred at BP’s Texas oil refinery. The incident claimed lives of fifteen people and left several badly wounded.
    The company signed an agreement in 2005 with the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) of the United States to eliminate safety risks at the plant. But in 2009 BP was charged with a fine of eighty seven million US dollars by the authorities as the company did not fulfill the conditions stated in the agreement.

    Oil Rig Explosion

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