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    For a VTB coker, I’m assuming that the heater decoke interval is 3-6 months or less in some special cases.  For an anode grade coker, does anyone have any input as to how long is the decoke interval for that application?

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    The fouling rate is very dependent on the feed quality (concarbon) and the heater flux rate. Generally an anode coker that has a normal flux rate will operate with a 8 to 14 month window.  One year operations used to be normal for sponge (anode) coke.  In today’s world with vey heavy sour (SDA pitch) feeds the normal run time is about 3 to 6 months.  We also design for online spalling and pigging to help this issue.
    Sim Romero

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    HI Simon
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    Using the Acoustic Pyrometer you can extend your production time reducing the hot spots that produce coke.

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