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    Is there a coker using FCC Main Column Bottoms (Decant Oil or CSO) as feed? If yes, are there any problems experienced or envisaged in doing so?

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    In one of our Coker we processed decant oil from FCC unit, for a long period, the result that we obtained was the following :
    _ as the relationof slurry is increased versus VTB(vacuum tower bottom), the recycle increased (we have processed until 18% of FCC V/V) and the recycle ratio increase up to 16% (from 11%), for which we had to increase the outlet temperature of the furnace from 925ºF to 940ºF and the recycle diminish up to 14%
    -We observed that the yields for propane, butane amd LCN products were almost constant, and HCN increase from 7,8% to 8,5%
    -In the case of LCGO and HCGO yields the effect of increase of FCC Decant oil in the feed, was for LCGO from 30% with out DEcant oil to 20% with 18% of it in the feed, and HCGO varied from 24,9% to 33,4%. This shows the difficulties to crack the feed rich in Decant oil
    -The principal properties of each product shows that the olefin content for propane and butane product, increase with the temperature(COT), Also it can be observed that the API for HCN,LCGO and HCGO got lower and the cetane index for LCGO drop from 41,6 to 38%, that shows that the concentration in aromatic and polyaromatic in these products rise when the decant oil was processed
    -when processing Decant oil, the coke produced was more difficult to quench and also more impermeable, For these two reason it was easy to have geyser during the cutting procedure of the coke, tha time to cut the coke increase in comparison with 100% VTB
    -Also something peculiar that was observed was that when the decant oil was not fed anymore to he unit, the TMT achieve were lower than before processing them (the solid spalling teh tube ??)

    That are some properties for Decant oil that we processed
    API= -0,8
    D1160= 635-880ºF (5%-80%)
    solids=350 ppm wt

    I dont knon this help you, Best Regards

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