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DCU washing water in the process

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    Hedewandro Lucredi

    How do I know the required flowrate of water to inject in the recovery gas system ? In our unit we inject water in a mixer of gas and water between the compressor interstage. This water goes to a mixer by pump before the high pressure vessel of recovery gas system. The flowrate of water is fixed. Is it necessary to measure pH ? What is it the range ? Is the water flowrate a ratio of DCU flowrate?

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    Evan Hyde

    Hello, a rule of thumb value of water wash is sometimes 1 gpm per 1kbd but this is a very general estimate. pH is something that should be measured to adjust the rate but I do not know the target value. I will share your post with someone and ask them to comment.

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    Hedewandro Lucredi

    Evans. Thanks. The water wash flow rate in our case is by design +/- 3 %. What is it the problem if I have low water flow rate ? Corrosion ? Amine degradation ?We try to control pH in the sour water at +/- 7 to 8. Do we need to follow the same conditions like FCCU related with water wash ?

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