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    Robert Kamp

    I am in Operations on a Coker in the Northwest and have recently been assigned to a Special Assignment for our 2011 DCU Safety Project which will among other things be installing Delta Valves and remote cutting. I am looking to make contact with individuals that have experience with this, Thanks.

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    Here’s a couple of ideas for making contacts:
    1) has a safety seminar at the end of March in Texas. You’ll not only learn a lot, but there’s lots of opportunity to meet guys who have installed the DeltaValves.  They can be operators who run them, engineers who spec’ed em out or maintenance guys who work on them.  There’s discussion groups where you can ask questions and make some contacts. It’s been pretty cool for me to call guys up months or years later who I met at the seminar.
    2) There’s a DeltaValve Workshop during that Seminar.

    You can find the details at

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    I have some experience with DeltaValve’s. Give me a call if you would like to talk.  Phone: (801) 201-6865.

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    Claus Graf

    You should plan to attend the seminar. It is a great way to get DCU information from operations and engineering personnel.
    Also, the discussion forum is filled with valuable information. You can get to know people before the seminar.
    Below is a link to a document you might find useful.


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    I have installed four Delta Valves at locations.  Give me a call and we can discuss it.  Delta Valve is a very good bottom unheading system.  There are other safety issues you need to think about when you are looking to automate the bottom unheading.
    Sim Romero

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    We are in the process of installing several Delta Valves in the MidWest. Feel free to contact us.
    Rich Vance

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    The coking seminars are terrific ways to gain knowledge of all types in dealing with everything from operational problems to safety issues regarding deheading of drums, decoking the drums, heading up the drums, etc. I highly recommend going to one of them and don’t be afraid to appear to be stupid, coker operators are a great group of guys like the ones on this forum that just want everyone in our industry to go home safely to their families when the work day is over. So ask questions, lots of questions, even if one or two of them get a chuckle from the one or two asses in the class. There is a wealth of knowledge out there to tap. This forum is only one place to gain such info. Post your email address on here too. Sometimes people want to help, but want to remain anonymous to the vast majority due to political or liability reasons. Good Luck!

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    Have installed over 30 DeltaValves let us know if you need help. Whitney Strickland 2817059528

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