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    Freddy Martinez

    We are plannibg to replace cokedrum with 1 ft large diameter.
    26 t0 27 ft . Can you help to know what are the minimum  jet water pressure required to cut coke bed effectively / or is thereany typical thumbrule for cokedrum dia. vs coke cutting water pressure?

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    Claus Graf

    Well, it depends……
    What kind of coke are you making ?
    What is your current cutting water pressure ?
    What is your current water flow ?
    How fast do you want to cut the coke ?
    What cycles are you running ? 24, 18 hr ?
    Do you plan on running shorter cycles with the larger drums ?
    What cutting tool do you currently have ?
    How efficient is your current cutting operation ?

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    Ask the question to the vendors (Flowserve, Ruhurpumpem).Thet will naswer in no time.

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    some designer take like thumb rule between 110-130 psig for each feet of drum diameter (fuel grade)

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    125 psi/ft diameter seems to be at least one rule of thumb that I keep running into.  I read this in some literature on Norm Lieberman and other places.

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