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COP Woodriver Refinery New 60MBD Coker Startup

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    basil parmesan

    ConocoPhillips, Cenovus start up $3.8B Illinois refinery project

    Canadian Press 12/01/11

    CALGARY – ConocoPhillips said Wednesday it has started up a $3.8-billion coker and refinery expansion project in Illinois that is part of a joint-venture with Calgary oil company Cenovus Energy Inc.The project increases the crude capacity of the Wood River Refinery by 50,000 barrels per day and enhances its ability to process heavy Canadian crude, Houston-based ConocoPhillips said in a statement.

    The refinery in Roxana, Ill., and another in Borger, Texas, are part of a partnership with Cenovus, which also includes the Canadian firm’s Foster Creek and Christina Lake oilsands projects in northern Alberta.

    The expansion also improves the refinery’s clean product yield by five per cent, which means a 50,000-barrel-per-day increase in gasoline and distillate production capacity.ConocoPhillips and Cenovus’ predecessor company, Encana Corp. (TSX:ECA), signed their partnership in 2007. Cenovus was spun of from Encana in late 2009.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is short update on Cenovus-COP Oilsands JV Woodriver Refinery& Coker Expansion Startup this year. The new 59-65MBD coker with (four 30ft drum, Bechtel-COP Tech) Coker construction completing in October/November. The new coker brings the plants expanded capacity to total 81-83MBD (59-65 MBD new Woodriver coker added to existing 3 drum Hartford 16MBD coker).

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    Do we know what kind of coke (fuel, anode, etc..) is produced in the new coker?
    I will be grateful for any indication.

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    Charles Randall

    Aguchak Q: What kind coke is produced by New Woodriver coker?

    A: The existing Woodriver 16MBD Coker (from Combining of Clark’s old Hartford Refinery) prior new coker startup was making ~900 tpd of Fuel Grade/Shot Coke @ 5.5%Sulfur/700ppm VA/40 HGI material.

    So there can be little doubt that the new 65MBD coker will be making fuel coke since the expanded Woodriver Refinery/Coker was designed to rum even more & heaiver Canadian Bitumen Crudes from its JV partner Cenovus which operates the Upgrader in Canada. The current discounted WTI prices due to glut crudes (Bakken/WTI/CA Bitumen) at Cushing has such low price on WTI & Bakken sweet crudes that it is likely to keep some in mix for new coker just like current Hartford coker and so Sulfur is likely stay in 5-5.5%S range.

    However with vote due soon on Keystone P/L (~+450MBD)and sale COP’s Seaway P/L to Enbridge who has announced its reversal & movement of trapped crude (~150MBD) by 2H2012 and current rail movements (~40MBD) to inland refineries & Gulf ……have already significantly dropped the Brent vs WTI differential (an closed crazy discount to Maya as well). So …. the sulfur is likely to increase to the level of Flint Hills (Koch) Rosemount fuel coke levels (which runs ~+95% CA Bitumen crudes).

    A similar type coke & story will be likely for Totals Pt Arthur new coker S/Up in 1Q2012 & BP Whiting new coker 3Q2012 and recent Motiva Pt Arthur new coker S/Up 4Q2011 (and expanded Refinery @ 600MBD edges out XOM Baytown & XOM BRouge – to become US largest Refinery).

    Look for dramatic change in US WTI prices and Heavy differentials once the glut in Cushing of trapped Crude is drained and Fuel cokers double up on more available and discounted sour CA crudes. It will also spell change for several anode grade & marginal anode coke producers who WILL become fuel cokes (see prior post on ~18 WW anode producers changing to mostly fuel coke production +2010).

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    Many thanks for your reply. I have problems finding the post (see prior post on ~18 WW anode producers changing to mostly fuel coke production +2010) could you possibly indicate the date when it was posted?

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    Charles Randall

    Aguchak Q: Post 18 WW lost anode producers – unable to find.
    A: I made the list around 11/19/2010 but for once decided not to give my competitors a free ride and did not post full list on this. <BTW (by the way) – there were 22 full anode producers/7 partial anode producer/4 non-anode specialty producers who were switching to fuel production>.
    I did make partial mention of this list in comments on post:
     2/14/2011 -Majors close/sell refineries
    8/31/2011 – Sinopec Anqing 45day T/A
    Unfortunately right after I developed the conversion fuel list the OGJ WW Refinery Survey Dec 2010/Jan 2011 Capacities came out and it had buttload of  refinery coker unit errors (see post 1/26/2011) with huge hole for China cokers =only 8 (of 87 sites/62 operating) shown by OGJ & both corrections & backfilling for China diverted followup on this topic.
    OGJ did put out Special Report in Mar 2011 (see post 3/18/2011) that caught half China cokers missing from Survey (mostly Govt owned ones) but didnt make it into this years OGJ WW Refinery Survey Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Capacities (In fact most errors from 2010 still not caught – none coke tons Mexico/only 8 China cokers/ect).

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    Charles Randall

    Offline Question: What is timing on Fuel Conversion of Anode/Calcinable Cokers?

    A: Usually when I talk about coker projects/list/conversions – I do so in terms of Coker Addition cycles which run in 4-6yr cycles. The recent cycles have been ~
    1992-1998, 1999-2005, 2006-2011, and next one is 2012-2017. Usually initial & final years of cycle have very few projects historically.

    The Fuel Conversions of Anode coke producers I have been refering to are in current cycle 2006-2011 and majority have already happened. Few stragglers due delays will complete in 2012 & 2013 cycle and so will technically be in next coker cycle.

    Because of the doubled cost of projects in this cycle for equipment/labor/construction and strange Refinery & Coker margins due to “Great Recession” and US Cushing Crude Glut – many progests were canceled or delayed and will be canidates for next cycle or the one after (just as Mexico/Petrobras/Venezuela cokers often listed as planning stage several cycles before they actually went to EPC/Construction phase).


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