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COP sells Coker Tech Licensing to Bechtel?

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    basil parmesan

    I understand that COP has already sold its Coker Tech & Licensing group to Bechtel? Nothing in press yet but
    understand it’s a done deal & info is available on rumor mill. News alert to be posted soon.

    When COP did not replace Manager (John Hart)slot -I thought something like this was in the mill.

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    Brueno Doerksen

    Hello everyone, this is Brian Doerksen and Rick Heniford. You may know us as being one of the lead process engineers and the lead mechanical engineer for ConocoPhillips Coke Technology.

    What Charlie notes is true! Bechtel Corp. have started a separate company called Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions, Inc. (BHTS), which have in turn bought the CoP Coking Technology. Rick and I along with the other key senior engineers from CoP have accepted jobs with BHTS. We are excited that this has happened, and we look forward to us same old engineers continuing to support our licensees in a seamless manner! Quite a few of you already know that many of the CoP Coking Technology staff were already Bechtel employees for years, and the entire team is now finally assembled under one flag.

    As soon as we have contact information at our new company in a week or two – we will let you know, but until then feel free to continue to contact us at the old CoP addresses and phones.


    Brian Doerksen and Rick Heniford.

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    Claus Graf

    Good for you Brian. Best of luck with your new endeavors.

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    Charles Randall

    Only about 1/3 of COP’s current Coke License & Coke Technology group are going to the new Bechtel BHTS group.
    One (Brett Hutson) from the 5 in Coke License section and 5 Sr. Engineers (including Brian & Rick) of 11 in Coke Technology section are going to BHT. The other COP technology folks will be going to other jobs or taking retirement from COP.
    A couple years ago COP eleminated its HF Alkylation Technology section as well.

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    Charles Randall

    Bechtel Acquires ConocoPhillips’ Delayed Coking Technology
    July 11, 2011
    Purchase of ThruPlus Expands Bechtel’s Capabilities in Refining Industry
    SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2011 – Bechtel Corporation announced today that it has purchased ConocoPhillips’ leading delayed coking technology, a move that uniquely positions Bechtel for growth in the refining industry. ThruPlus Delayed Coking Technology is a proprietary process for upgrading heavy oil into high value, light hydrocarbon liquids.
    “The purchase of the ThruPlus technology is a natural progression of our work with ConocoPhillips, and it allows us to deliver to customers high-quality, technologically superior coking units more efficiently and cost effectively,” said Jack Futcher, president of Bechtel’s Oil, Gas & Chemicals unit. “The technology sets Bechtel apart by enhancing our capability to carry a project from concept to completion.”
    The ThruPlus technology was developed and improved by ConocoPhillips during its more than 50 years of owning and operating units. It achieves higher unit throughput, higher service factors, superior liquid yields, and improved unit reliability. Bechtel and ConocoPhillips formed an alliance in the 1990s that combined Bechtel’s expertise in engineering, cost optimization, procurement, and construction with ConocoPhillips’ operating experience and technology expertise in delayed coking.
    A global leader in the design and construction for the refining industry, Bechtel’s delayed coking experience spans more than 50 years and includes projects in Canada, India, Russia, and the United States.
    About Bechtel
    Bechtel is among the most respected engineering, procurement, and construction companies in the world. With a legacy spanning more than a century, the reliability of Bechtel’s performance, the enduring quality of its projects, the strength of its ethics, and the seriousness of its commitment to safety and sustainability, are evident in everything it does. Today, Bechtel stands apart for its ability to get the job done right- no matter how big, how complex, or how remote. For more information about Bechtel visit

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