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Coker Switch Valve – Wilson synder- problems

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    We at KNPC- Mina Abdulla Refinery Kuwait use Wilson synder (make) 4 way swtich valve ( wedge plug type ) with MEA hydraulic actuator. We frequently face the problem of “Hard to operate”. Seat / Unseat quite often is hindered due to reduction in plug movement and and finally seizure resulting in Unit shutdown. Control Manifold assembly in hydraulic system has frequent “Passing” problem and the valve moves to Unseat mode even during normal operation. we understand some of the refineries have changed these valves with Ball Valves or have gone for ball valves in their original design. We r looking for the work experieince of these ball valves and how trouble free these valves are ? U may kindly send me an email at

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    We have one MEA-actuated Wilson-Snyder. It has had mechanical problems and problems with operator understanding. Training is a key aspect. We have had better experience with Ball Valves – more reliable and easier to understand.

    Regards – Mitch Moloney

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    We have an Electric actuator system for operating the Wilson Synder Switching valve for Delayed Cokers. If we can be of any assistance, Please contact Jim B. Atkinson @ VAC Systems, Inc. 7210 Fairbanks North Houston Road, Houston, Texas 77040
    Phone: 713-466-1855
    Fax: 713-466-0865

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