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    Position: I am looking for employment in the refining industry. I am willing to relocate or travel as needed.

    Experience: 12 years experience working on 2 different crude distillation units. 8 years experience in delayed coking operations. 5 years experience in TDC 3000 console operations on the Delayed Coker. I am also familiar with Delta V control systems. I have been involved with numerous turnarounds and shutdowns on both crude and coking units. I was a member of the Delayed Coker start-upteam at theExxonmobil Baytown refinery. I was the Safe Operations Steward for the CDCC control center. I have 5 years experience as a First Line Supervisor working both the console and the outside supervisor position. In 2006 I was sent on loan assignment to Exxonmobil Beaumont Refinery to assist with their Crude A turnaround. I am experienced in writng start up shutdown and normal operating procedures. I am also familiar with gas plant and treatment operations.
    Education: I have an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Process Technology from Lee College in Baytown TX.

    Contact Information: Email

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