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Coker isolation valves

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    We are currently considering in our coker to make the operation of the coke drums as automatic as possible. So the questions are:

    Which companies are advisable for manufacturing coker isolation valves? switch valves?
    Is the ball valve design the best? How would you compare it with the gate valve/wedge plug design?
    Are there other designs?
    How about ease of inclusion of interlocks: in ball valves? gate valves? wedge plug?

    Thanks in advance…..

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    chris fisher
    Have a look at this site, SchuF has taken the “plug” valve to a new level
    oval ports
    ability to drop the bottom of the valve for in-line cleaning

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    Claus Graf

    The ability to clean or inspect the valve without removing it from the piping is good, compared to ball valves, that would require removal for disassembly. Additional clearance would be required between the deck and the bottom of the valve, so this cleaning can be done. Anybody out there using these valves ?
    Regards, CG

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    We have 24″ Valvtron Ball Valves on our coker.

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    Wedge plug and gate valve on the overhead line.

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    Regarding Isolation and switch valves: ball valves vs “plug” style.  I work for Armour Valve in Alberta, Canada we are the representative for SchuF Coker Valves (Germany) both Switch and Isolation.  Our valves differ from others based on ease of maintenance, the top and bottom of the valve can be removed to decoke should you lose steam at the purges.  Yes they can be automated and interlocked.  I would love to further talk with you or anyone else interested.  Send me an e-mail at when you get a chance.
    Happy Holidays
    Chris Fisher

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    The delayed Coker process is a clump procedure, a standout amongst the most threatening situations in the refinery – because of the rough and erosive fouling properties of the coke by-product. The Isolation valves likewise encounter outrageous warm cycling. Valves are cycled as often as possible and disappointment can prompt a total shutdown of a unit, bringing about the substantial process and money related expenses.

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    Many brands are leading the valve industry and showing their best performance and products to their consumers. ball valve manufacturers are also providing many facilities to their customers and improving their products.

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