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    I am currently working on a reconstruct and revamp of an existing coker unit being moved from a closed refinery.  An expert recommended to us the use of “coker crushing valves” in the heater pass flow service.  Has anyone heard of such an animal and can you let me know a manufacturer?
    Also,  do you provide hot oil purge to the bonnet for decoking control of the packing and guiding area of the valves?  Please let me know what your experiences are in this service.
    I have heard of coke crushing impellers for the charge flow pumps but not the valves. 
    Mike M

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    Reinhardt Burger

    At Sasol we use a normal globe valve (3″) with a tungsten coated plug. There’s no added purging. I don’t know where your inlet temp. runs at, where as ours is at 300degC @ 20m3/h

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