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    coker squirrel

    Limiting the number of heater mule ears on a heater is benificial in reducing leaks, especially after maintenance.  We had eliminated all mule ears on one end of our heaters several years ago and have had good success.  We still have access from the back end of the heater with all mule ears in place so that if we do have to hydroblast a tube or retrieve a stuck pig, we still can.  We have had such good success with our heaters over recent years that we are now contimplating doing away with all our mule ears and going with welded return bends on all.  Is this the current trend with other cokers?  Will heater reliability with the perfection of heater spalling and special instrument systems for pass protection be the wave of the future and give us the ability to completely eliminate the mule ears?  Has any other Cokers out there eliminated all mule ears and gone with all welded return bends? 

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    The Petrozuata Delayed Coker (ConocoPhillips License) Heaters have return bends. It has been running for 6 years now. It has been pigged a few times with no problems.

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