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    A Refinery located in Southamerica, well known by us, process their coke fuel gas in an Amine Treatment unit in order to remove the H2S present and then use it as refinery fuel gas. However, they have been having serious operational problems due to MDEA degradation and the heat stable salts (HSS) presence. We know that HSS formation is due to an irreversible reaction between strong acids anions (such as formate, acetate, thiosulfate, thiocyanate and chloride)and the amines molecules.
    Does the concentration of these contaminants (strong acids anions) in the coker fuel gas is known for you in some how?
    Do you have any typical composition for the coker FG which shows this contaminants concentration?
    and finally, Do you know how can these contaminantes be removed previously to the amine treatment?
    Any information would be very usefull.
    Many thanks in advance.

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