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Coke Pit depth

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    Desh 562001

    I’d just like to get it straight.
    What factors determine the depth of the coke pit; for sure the storage capacity is most important decider. Does the height of fall from the coke drums, impact on the pit depth or the self ignition of the coke vis-a-vis the height of fall ? Request inputs from the experts on this question.

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    Premnath J

    As far as I know the depth of the coke pit is noting to do with the auto-ignition of the coke. The depth and width are so adjusted to manage the crane operation at an optimum level since the crane operation depends on just not lifting but also transverse movement while lifting to reach the top of the chute before the bucket can be opened to drop the coke.

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    Dear friend in the old discussion maybe you can found the same or similar question
    I found some answer like this

    Does anyone have a rule of thumb for required surface area of a coke pit based on coke produced?
    Let us say you have 8oo ton drums & that you are making sponge coke (& lets assume ~ 50 lb/ft3 density) you would need a storage volume of ~ 31,700 ft3. If area is limited & you default to cokes angle repose (use ~50 degrees this case) it would be pile 35 ft height & 58 feet diameter at base. This assumes limited base area pit width for say two 24-27 ft diameter drums -but more base area would decreases height needed. Now if the 800 tons were shot coke (60 lb/ft3) the storage volume would need to be ~28,900 ft3 – default area with angle repose (~40 degrees shot)would be pile 27 ft height & 64 ft diameter. ”
    I dont know this help you, but take a look in old discussion , Best regards

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    Neelabh Sharma

    Just to add a bit, height of underground water table is factor which will limit your depth……

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    Robert Kamp

    It’s always a good idea to have enough room to put both drums in there just in case your means of emptying the pit is compromised.

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