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    We are going to commissioned the Delayed Coker unit having 6500 TPD capacity of pet coke production .Unfortunately our bridge crane will not be arrived in time .
    Can we use front loader for coke handling or any other alternative for coke evacuation from the coke pit. 
    Do you have any expereince of coke handling without bridge crane ? If any practice available,please suggest the forward path. 
    Your kind guidance/suggetions would be highly appreciated .
    Best Regards
    Ashok Singh

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    Moving tons without your crane will depend on your pit configuration. Are you able to move loaders, dozers, or material handling equipment into your pit. This should have been addressed during the designing phase or with your handling contractor previously; but, now is a good time to discuss with your contractors or personnel what the plan is when your crane goes down in the future, and it will! As for equipment in the pit, you will need to quatinate with operations and most likely monitor for H2S during equipment operations. Hopefully you can get equipment to load into your conveyor hopper or will be able to put in a feed hopper that you can work with.

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    Bridge cranes can be used instead of the other, but the motor and other power requirements of crane power system up to standard

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    Terry Blue

    We commonly use spare cranes while our bridge crane is being serviced. We typically have smaller cranes that can travel via track accross the pit and load our coke crusher. If both cranes are down we have to use a fairly large (500 ton) crane that can extend over the top of the bridge crane rails. We then load dump trucks and transport the coke that way. It tends to get a bit messy though because it is often hard to load the dump trucks neatly without spilling some over the sides.

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    In absence of bridge crane, use of pay loaders/ truck combination is an alternative. However, for the above, entry ways for the above equipment should be OK. While handling coke in this manual mode, coke temperature also be considered over & above the hazardous gases which emits in the coke yard.

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    it is not suggested to operate the plant if bridge crane is not ready.. wait until the crane comes

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    senthil kumar

    coke drum area;

    what are the Advantages and disadvantages of bottom coneection of sweeping steam(down stream of switch valve to drum)

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    In our case, we usually use front end loader and truck

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