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Coke formation in ethane cracker

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    We are cracking our fresh ethane feed to ethylene in millisecond furnaces , but we are suffering from coke formation although we are injecting Dimethyl Disulfide DMDS which acts as a protection of coke formation.
    We loss our production due to a 20 average hrs of steam and air decoking to the whole tubes of the furnace.
    I have suggested to carry out steam and water decoking periodically e.g. weekly for a short time e.g. 3 – 4 hrs to each pass of the furnace individually. Instead of giving enough time to coke build up which become difficult to be removed and take more time of decoking.
    Could you please advise?!
    I was looking for any chemicals that can inhibit and prevent the formation of coke , but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything helpful .Also , I contacted so many companies regarding this issue , but nothing found .
    Please let me know , If anyone has any useful information resources.
    Best regards,

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