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coke fines and cutting water handling

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    i am current using the maze system with the mobile crane to clean the maze.okay this was fine previous but now we have change the cycle and theres more fines. this fines end up in my cutting water tank and this cause major problem.
    i am looking for another system like a cyclone etc.

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    Why not inject chemical to water tank to capture the coke fines and then release them back to coke pit? 

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    remember the water in my tank, i am still using it for cutting. then the intergrity of the water will be altered.

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    Have 2 (4) drum cokers.  one built in the 60’s and the other in the 90’s.  Chemical injection to the drilling water has had no ill effect on the process.  We have been using it for almost 10 years without issues.  all it does is help settle the coke fines to the bottom of the tank so they can be dumped back to the pit.  NO equipment problems at all.   

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    I just came across your question and I would like to propose a solution. We provide solids handling equipment that can be used to remove coke fines from cutting water, or to remove deposited coke fines from the clear water tank. Please email me at and we can discuss a demonstration showing you the effectiveness of this solution.

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