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    Dear all,
    The most important step to me in coker is steam to water transition.I am not able to understand the technology behind what is happening when we put steam inside the coke drum and divert to blowdown.What does steam does in my understanding steam forms channeling and make way inside the hard VR or coke which is formed inside.Then once we put water the drum bed gets cooled water gets openetrated in the channeled pathway.
    In recent times we found that during water quehcn our feed line pressure gets increased up to 11 kg somes times which is too abnormal and also water flow gets reduced so proper water quenching is not happening.
    can any one explain what all the possibilities for this problem to happen and what is the solution
    one thing is that we are using the same crude no change in VR or any other parameters iam still not able to understand
    my steam flow is 15TPH

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