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Coke drum replacement

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    Hi all,

    I want to know how old coke drums can be replaced with new ones (6 drum coker), with minium constrution activities.
    Any history of coke drum replacement?


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    yasser badri

    if you have mony you can replacement we have six coke drums from 50 years ago still in service

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    ted pivo

    We have a 4 drum coker that had the drums replaced in the early 80’s;;   we are currently building a new 6 drum coker

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    Desh 562001

    Although utmost care is taken during design to ensure an optimum life, we have heard that on an average, the life cannot prolong beyond 10~15 years if not earlier. Replacements would indeed be challenging; also we have come across some Licensor’s designs, wherein the lifting trunions for the coke drums have been advised to be cut after installation of the new drums. Wuld indeed like to hear from experts their experiences of coke drum replacements. 

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    I have some paper about drum if you want it send me your email , so ican send to you

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    Also you can find some information in

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    Desh 562001

    Muchas gracias a los documentos, Claus & Espana2005!

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    I can help if needed, I am a contractor that specializes in coker revamps including drum replacements.
    Whitney Strickland

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    I worked on a 4 drum coker and it was built in 1967. As of right now all four drums are still in service. We have had several cracks in the drums and have been successful with welding the cracks. Our engineers informed us about 5 years ago that the drums were ten years beyond their lifespan and needed to be replaced. Once bids were received, they decided to continue welding the cracks. That having been said, drums are not manufactured like the drums that were in place at the coker I worked at. They seem to be a one of a kind drum. They were thicker at the bottom than at the top and the panels were not welded vertically, but rather horizontally. They were lined too. Drum’s lengths between charging and idle differed by more than 18 inches too. I never measured the circumferences, so I can’t help you there. Good luck in replacing your drums, if that is truly necessary.

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    some company  said that vertical plate coke drums are more reliable (compare to ring-type drums) especially in long-term period.
    That information confirmed by number of articles in metallurgy magazines.
    General outcome of those articles is that vertical plate drum is must be able to run more cycles with less cracks and less downtime and it makes it very economic attractive decision even considering bigger capital cost. But since that it is relatively new technology there is no real long-term reference.
    I would appreciate if you can share with us your opinion and experience regarding vertical plate coke drums and suggestion about price difference between conventional type and vertical plate type
    best regards

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    I read you are installing 6 drum unit. which make is that ?
    we are jsut ocmmissioning Lummus plant with 6 drums.

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