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Coke cutting technique

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    Coke cutting technique
    From: New Coker
    Category: Process
    Date: 20 Jan 2005

    The coke handling system in our DCU is slurry type with sluce way and dewater bin. We cut the coke bed in each step with length of only 30cm. This causes a lot of coke fines in the coke handling system. If we increase the stepped cutting length to 100cm, the big fall may damage the guide chute under the bottom head. Who could help us?

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    Ken Osment

    The coke chutes utilized on our Millennium Cokers are of a very robust design. We typically run twelve hour cycles and tend to cut the drums quite agressively. The chutes have withstood some rather large coke falls over the past four years without any damage or signs of stress to date. Bayside Engineering were involved extensively in the design of these chutes and may be able to offer some assistance. Email myself if you requie any contact information.

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    ted pivo

    coke cutting is a learned trade, I have been cutting drums for 23 years, sometimes you might be able to make large cuts due to soft coke sometimes small cuts due to hard coke. It all done by experience don’t rush to save 5 minutes cutting and messing up your combo tool or getting persoanl hurt, as they say sometimes speed hurts

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    I agree with wood.

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