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Coke Cutting Pumps Isolation Valves

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    We are having two high pressure coke cutting pumps in our design. I’d like to know experts views on whether to have MOVs or Manually operated Isolation Valves for switchover of the pumps. Manufacturer recommends manual operation isolation valves; we however expect operator resistance in doing this operation in face of the high pressure experienced on the discharge side.

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    Mitchell Moloney

    MOV’s are recommended for the cutting water isolation valves located on the cutting deck.  Besides the ergonomic operability advantage, the MOV can be reliably interlocked with the winch and jet pump operations.

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    Claus Graf

    For pump switchover, manually operated valves with appropriate procedures in place should be fine. How often do you plan on switching pumps ? Every month ? Every two-three months ?
    If you should decide on MOV’s for pump switchover, then additional interlocks should be set in place to avoid any problems.
    Regards, CG

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    Manual operation valves (2500#) work just fine for non-continuos service pumps (jet pumps).

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    Desh 562001

    Thanks Mr.Graf for your reply. The logic is well understood.

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    bobby gawlik

    I agreee with Mitch for the the isolation valves on the cutting deck especially with multiple drums. For jet pump isolation manual valve would be fine. But do not understand about the operator resistance because of the high pressure on the line. There shouldn’t be any pressure on the line….. Nice try operators

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