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    Charles Randall

    I saw on news program a spot about great new breakthroughs in Carbon Removal technologies (both called Carbon Eaters and article links are below) that offer some great answers to problems around CO2 generation/capture/removal …..they were announced mid ~2007 but for some reason neither press or Environmentalist have said anything about them and continue beating the anti-fossil drums for change instead.
    What!!! doesn’t that make you crazy if there really was (totally convinced that it is now a proven myth / fraud by real science) a threat of Global Warming or dangerous levels of CO2 that need to be reduced (again never happen man’s output is drop bucket compared to 12 active volcanoes & sea floor volcanic rift CO2 production) or we have to begin cleaning up our air & environment for our children ……. then why aren’t the press & Environmentalist going crazy about these developments or insisting they start going into sites today with push for governments to fast-track the solution???
    The answer is simple and you can see it the Science museum children’s site from an Example Group Environmentalist response = they really don’t care about those things they are just convient tools to herd the ignorant masses onto the true path of stamping out fossil fuel use and switching to their view of what the world should use. Even if that means bankruptcy, hardship and lower standard of living for the masses.
    So now you know your true enemy and what his goal is and it is time to stamp them out. Pass the articles below on & Let everyone industry know about these options and help your company to use them as shield against the junk science & charges to reduce CO2 emissions.
    Charlie Randall
    Global Research Technologies & Colombia University’s great new gadget that sucks up CO2 from air, stores it in modules until it is recovered and then ready for use again. Current working proto-type is size car but will ~be reduced to smaller “modules”!
    Great kid version article with good pictures & comments @
    Can a CO2 ‘hoover’ help stop climate change?      11 May 2007
    Note: Great part it Also includes a telling comment by one Environmental groups “Friends of Earth” that show their true colors = they arent really interested in solutions, CO2 reduction or Global Warming….. they really just want to stop use of fossil fuels and impose their view of what energy sources should be allowed regardless impact on average person trying to make a living!
    Also version  = Perth Australia’s Fishace Technologies has a Alge Bioreactor version of a CO2 Carbon Eater where modules contain alge that capture CO2, makes diesel out of it, then can be cleaned and ready for use again.  Working proto-types that can be developed for use at mines, power plants and industrial sites. 
    see this one @

    Algae PhotoBioreactor`s convert Carbon to Biofuels

    Source: fishace ecological engineering     Published Sep. 6, 2007

    Engineering designers from fishace technologies in Perth, Western Australia have developed a modular APB (Algae Photo Bioreactor) that can be placed at mine sites and power plant facilities to capture up to 85% of greenhouse gas emissions, blamed for global warming. APB’s captured gases include contaminants such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides.

    CO2 produced from the combustion of carbon compounds such as coal and natural gas are captured and directed into the Algae Photo Bioreactor. The transparent module, contains the algae in nutrient enriched liquid suspension and when exposed to light allows the algae to undergo photosynthesis.

    The CO2 converter system, grows algae in climate controlled closed transparent modules being part of their unique design and the focus of our development in Perth. The algae contained in these modules are harvested and mechanically pressed to recover the biodiesel.

    The by-products from this closed carbon capture process are water, oxygen and algal cake a high protein feedstock that can be converted into high value pharmaceutical products such as Astaxanthin an antioxidant and Beta-carotene.

    Dubbed the ‘Carbon Eater’ – the technology has been developed by Ecological Engineer, Stephen Bedford Clark, Environmental Designer Peter Galloway and Environmental Scientist Jason Haydock.

    ‘Micro Algae are the fastest photosynthesising organisms known to man. They can complete an entire growing cycle every few days and can produce 100 times more oil per hectare/year than conventional soil based crops that are now being grown for biofuel use,’ says Stephen Clark.

    Fishace plans to commercialise the technology over the course of the year and expects to be able to compete commercially with the wholesale price of crude petroleum in the future. The consultancy, is developing commercial partnerships to develop technology and mass-produce APB’s and are engaged in the research and development of algae cultivation as a sustainable energy source.

    This modular, patent-pending sequestration system offers a cost effective way to grow algae and optimises oil production. ‘By reducing the costs of energy input and initial capital outlay, the promise of algae based biofuels that are price-competitive with petroleum fuels is within our grasp’ says Peter Galloway.

    Using Algae Photo-Bioreactors in industrial activities provides companies with a number of positive outcomes: greatly reduced CO2 emissions, algae to produce hydrogen, fats, oils, sugars and functional bioactive compounds for use and resale, emission credits, government tax subsidies, environmental compliance, production of O2 and a cleaner corporate image.

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