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CHS Coker "Cooking" & CHS moves to 145 Fortune 500

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    Charles Randall

    Laurel coker is cooking


    The coker unit at the CHS Laurel, Mont., refinery is up and running at full capacity. Dan Knepper, senior vice president of operations, says the unit has an input or “charge” of 15,000 barrels per-day and adds to the refinery’s existing capacity of 55,000 to 60,000 barrels per-day by turning crude asphalt into gasoline or diesel fuel.

    “We had a normal startup and we’re getting good products out of the coker,” Knepper says. “In fact, it is exceeding our expectations.”

    Knepper says completion of the project makes Laurel an integrated, state-of-the-art facility. The coker represents a $400-million investment in the refinery and follows an earlier desulphurization project to meet federal requirements for ultra-low sulfur levels in diesel fuel.

    The refinery has been operating since the 1930s and was purchased by Farmers Union Central Exchange in 1943.
    CHS moves up on Fortune list

    This year CHS climbed to 145 on Fortune magazine’s annual ranking of America’s 500 largest companies. In 2006 the company was ranked 166. In 2007, CHS had $17.2 billion in revenues, a 19.7 percent increase from 2006.

    The largest company on the Fortune 500 list is Wal-Mart Stores, with a little under $379 billion in revenues. Exxon Mobil, Chevron, General Motors and ConocoPhillips round out the top five companies on the list.

    CHS was also featured on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies List ranking number one among food and grocery wholesalers.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is Update on CHS Laurel New Coker Addition – Up & running better expected according to VP Knepper, and CHS moves up 2008 Fortune 500 list (just out April) from 166 to 145.
    Also in news is that CHS is acquiring 33 Ztrip Stores C in region for marketing gasoline.
    Charlie Randall

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    Charles Randall

    Hope this shot of CHS coker at nite makes it – looks like it is the same as Christmas picture they posted when it started up EOY 2007.

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    The upload a photo feature is working, but the embed thumbnail right in the posting has an issue.  I will upload the photo you sent as an attachment while I’m having the vendor’s tech support fix the embedding issue.  Thanks,  Paul Orlowski

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