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    Charles Randall

    China goes Crackers:
    Name                                Location                        Capacity                    Start-up
    Fujian Petchem                    Quangang,Fujian        800k            Early 2009
    Tianjin Petchem                    Tianjin                    1 MM            3Q09 – 1Q2010
    Zhenhai Refining & Petchem    Ningbo,Zhengjiang    1 MM             End 2009-Early 2010
    Dushanzi Petchem                 Dushanzi,Xinjiang     1 MM             2009
    Liaoning Huajin Chemical         Panjin, Liaoning        450k             2009
    SCIPDC                               Caojing                   1 MM            2009-10
    Fushun Petchem                   Fushun,Liaoning        800k            Jun 2010
    Chengdu Petchem                 Chengdu, Sichuan     800k            2H 2010
    Guangzhou Petchem              Nansha                   1 MM            2010
    Beijing Yanhua                      Yanshan                 600k             2010 (could be delayed)
    Yangzi Petchem                    Nanjing, Jiangsu       600k             2010 (could be delayed)
    Sinopec Wuhan                     Wuhan, Hubei          800k             2012-15
    Shanghai Petchem                 Jinshan                  500-600k       Seeking approval
    Daqing Petchem                    Daqing, Heilongjiang  600k             Seeking approval
    Dalian Shide                         Dalian, Liaoning        1 MM            Seeking approval
    ChemChina                           Tianjin                   1 MM             Seeking approval
    Source: ICIS Insight Asia
    Here is list of China Crackers (FCC &/or Hydro) going in 2009-2015 that I ran across while updating my China Refinery/Petchem New Coker expansion/addition list.  <You will notice a few of recent China Coking Refineries news on this list (Wuhan, Tianjin, and Zhehhai) that I have posted. And/or these FCC projects listed on Asia Refining S/D maintenance list.  

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