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Chevron Unveils New Refining Technology That Converts Ultra-Heavy Oil Into Clean-Burning Fuel Chevro

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    Hey Dear friends; What do you think about this new process, is very interesting?
    SAN RAMON, Calif., March 6, 2008 – Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) said today it plans to build a pre-commercial plant at its refinery in Pascagoula, Miss., to test the technical and economic viability of a breakthrough heavy-oil upgrading technology. This proprietary technology, called Vacuum Resid Slurry Hydrocracking (VRSH), has the potential to significantly increase yields of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from heavy and ultra-heavy crude oils and could be used to increase and upgrade production of heavy oil resources.
    “This project will advance Chevron’s heavy-oil upgrading capability and is an important research and development initiative for the company,” said Mike Wirth, executive vice president of Global Downstream for Chevron. “Given the increasing role of heavy oil in meeting the world’s growing energy demand and our significant heavy oil resources, this technology could provide a unique pathway to increase supplies of clean-burning fuels for the marketplace.”  ; I took this information  from Chevron page
    Also; you can see the video where they explain the process

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    Charles Randall

    Mr espana2005 – I am confused (not unusual)?  This is the same alibet abreviated CVX news release on the VRSH you posted back in March 13, 2008 that we had very spirited discussion around (and several are still awaiting some answers from CVX / pro-VRSH parties).
    Since this is still very much a lab R&D process awaiting the construction of pre-commercial version & little new information coming from the CVX patent holders – is there a new reason to discuss the “Hype” again on this process?

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    I´m really sorry Charlie was a mistake on my part, Thank you
    How can  I delete it?
    Best Regards

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    Charles Randall

    Here is news update on Chevron Pascagoula VRSH commercial plant:

    Chevron Selects E&C Firm for VRSH Unit at Mississippi Refinery
    Industrial Info News SUGAR LAND, TX — (MARKET WIRE) — 05/28/08 —
    Chevron Corporation  (San Ramon, California) has selected a firm to perform engineering and
    construction services for a new 3,500-barrel-per-day (BBL/d) hydrocracker
    unit at a refinery in Pascagoula, Mississippi.
    Contact: Joe Govreau  713-783-5147

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    Charles Randall

    There is recent post Feb 3, 2009 about CVX putting its Commercial plant VRSH on hold under coker news section. <See – The news item is about coker updates on MRO Detroit, Garyville & CVX Pascagoula projects>.
    It appears the economic conditions and chance to add more R&D advances to the process are reasons for hold on this plant.
    As mentioned earlier – the background discussion around this process is also posted in earlier discussion on March 8, 2008 news post on CVX new Hvy Oil technology – VRSH that was hyped (over so?) to replace cokers.

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