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    Somebody recently mentioned that Chevron will have some big refinery news soon. Can anybody update us on this? Bill

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    We’re a large fabricator of reactors, vessels and exchangers, including coke drums, and we were solicited by a major EPC for an array of items for Pascagoula.

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    The Richmond, CA refinery upgrade is being cancelled due to high labor and material cost and stringent CA Env Law.  

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    The Pascagoula plant expansion is hush hush.
    I feel if I were to mention to much here and it got out they would find me and they would throw me jail and wrap me up with duct tape.
    I know a lot about Pascagoula and a lot about what CVX is doing there.
    The news will not be soon. I don’t think they will release a PR for two more years or maybe more.
    I think it’s best they do that and not me.
    I can say this. There goal is to be the number one oil company in the world, not number 2. This plant expansion will be one huge step forward, it’s that big of deal.

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    Mangiarotti has already been inquired for lead times, shop loads, bottlenecks etc. for this project by a MAJOR EPC Contractor. 

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    Please refrain from advertising and self promotion.  That is not the purpose of the Discussion Forum.

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    I thought sharing of info is what this site was about. How is sharing a bad thing, please explain.

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    Sorry, I don’t think you were posting to me.

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    Sharing is a great thing. 
    I think the guy was referring to vendors trying to sell their stuff in this forum – bad joojoo!

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    Whats the point of CVX being so hush hush?? Would the competition try to also expand?? bill

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    I heard this morning that the Chevron Richmond Project is not cancelled. I deem this informtion to be very reliable.

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