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Chemical cleaning of Waste Heat Boilers

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    Has anyone done a chemical cleaning on the shell side of your waste heat boiler?  What were you trying to remove? How aggressive were your chemicals/ what chemicals did you use? Is there an ASME guideline to follow for boiler cleaning?  Any lessons learned on what not to do? 
    We’re looking at an SRU shutdown next month to clean/inspect our WHB due to severe loss of duty. We’ve never done a shell side cleaning on a WHB, so any advice/insight of others would be greatly appreciated.

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    We suggest cleaning with a solution of surfactant, flake caustic, and sodium nitrate before startup. This is done by firing natural gas in the Thermal Reactor and “boiling out” the WHB and sulfur condenser for 24 hours to remove scale, oils, corrosion, etc. The interior of those units can look pretty nasty and they need to have clean tubes.

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