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    4 drums coker

    Facilitator- Richard Boswell, Stress Engineering Services


    1. Refractory Stiffness
    2. Hot Spots
    3. Nozzle – insert plate or repad
    4. Improper refractor
    5. Expansion Joint
    6. Local Distortion & Refract. Failure
    7. EJ: Lateral movements
    Line Bending – non uniform temperature
    8. EJ: VIB-CPT Flow
    9. Pressure Thrust Risers
    Surge Overloads
    Upsets – Slug Flows
    Design for Pressure End Load
    Mass Impact
    Normal Density
    Upset Density

    Need input from licensor or plant history of catalyst log.

    10. Erosion
    vessel metal
    refractory liners
    11. Cat Imbalance – aeration not adequate; slug flow – vibration and high loads
    12. Hot Spots Top Head at cyclone hanger/supports
    13. Bimetallic Joint
    14. After Burn – Creep and Weak on SS
    15. Hexmesh Failure
    corrosion on welds
    See John Handcock – API Dallas

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