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CatCracking-Cyclone Erosion

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    4 drums coker

    Cyclone Eerosion
    Tony Schmitz, Emtrol

    Cyclone Operation: Not having erosion is better than having erosion
    -Crossover duct configuration can eliminate erosion (see introductory photos)
    -Diplegs diamters are generally designed too big. Emtrol believes 8 dia is typically optimum slows catalyst velocity, eliminates eddy currents.
    -Cyclone cone angles need to be sharp, not shallow
    -When repairing holed cones/dust bowls
    -Preferred method is full-surrouod, hex-anchored refractory, encased in steel jacket
    -Consider using thicker lining (2 vs or 1)

    Preferred Wed Patterns:
    -regen every other hex, every other row
    -reactor every hex, every row

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