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    Dear Forum Members,
    I’m a professional Spanish to English translator, and I’ve been asked to translate a report describing the causes of the emergency shutdown of a FCC plant. The terminology is pretty technical, but I’ve done a lot of research and have been able to answer all of my translation terminology questions except “fondo” and “circuito de fondo”.
    “Fondo” usually means “base” or  “bottom”, and circuito is usually “circuit”, but I don’t find any references to “circuit bottoms” or “circuit bases” when I Google them.
    I don’t expect anyone to be familiar with the term in Spanish, but perhaps someone will be able to figure it out from the context.
    January 6, Shutdown of the unit due to a blockage in the “circuito de fondo” that makes it impossible fo it to be emptied, which leads to the fractionator and “circuito de fondo” being cleaned. Following the recommendations of the supplier, the reactor, regenerator and transfer line from the reactor to the regenerator were also inspected.
    February 2, During start up, blockages are once again detected in the pumps in the “fondo“. It is decided to recirculate the “fondo” with DVL until refractary and coke no longer appear.
    I’m wondering if “fondo” is “fluid bed”.
    Any help you can offer will be deeply appreciated.
    Liz Morales

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    Liz the terminology bottom circuit can be used like  “circuito de fondo” in fact in you paragraph you can write “Shutdown of the unit due to a blockage or plugging  in the bottom circuit of the  fractionator…….
    Liz este taponamiento o bloqueo se presento en el fondo de la fraccionadora del FCC o en la linea del reactor a la fraccionadora, a mi entender fue en el fondo de la fraccionadora y en el circuito de fondo. se pueden utilizar expresiones tales como “bottom of the cat cracker fractionator” o “fractionator bottom”  que tradicen lo mismo
    En el caso del producto del fondo del fraccionador en algunas unidades lo llaman “slurry or decant oil”, la expresion “fluid bed”, esta referida al lecho fuidizado dentro del reactor
    I hope this can help you, best regards 

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    Quiere decir : recirculacion del fondo o reflujo del fondo del fraccionador

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    Main Fractionator bottom circulation

    the slurry circuit for heating other products and go back to the MF for cooling


    Claessens K
    FCCU Antwerp

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    Juan M. Fernandez

    Saludos Liz, mi nombre es Juan Fernandez, fuí Supervisor de Operaciones de un FCC en Venezuela, durante 11 años.[8|]

    Efectivamente “fondo” se traduce como “bottom” y el “circuito de fondo” puede se traducido por “Bottom Circuit”.

    “Fluid Bed” significa “lecho fluidizado”, generalmente se usa par adescribir la operacion de la unidad de FCC.

    Espero haberle ayudado.

    Estoy a su orden para cualquier otra información, atentamente…

    JuanFernandez (

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    Freddy Martinez

    “Circuito de fondo” should be translated as ” Bottom circulation”, which is the stream coming out of the Main Fractionator Bottom handled by the “Bottom Pumps”
    Hope it helps

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