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Brazilian Coke Demand (due Saudi’s MMHC) Just Went Up

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    basil parmesan

    Saudi firm, Petrobras sign $ 453.4m deal   
    Gulf Today – 28 November, 2010

    Saudi Arabias Modern Mining Holding Co.(MMHC), part of the Modern Industrial Investment Holding Group, has signed a final 1.7 billion Saudi riyals ($ 453.4 million) deal with Brazils oil and gas giant Petrobras to construct a calcined petroleum coke complex in eastern Saudi Arabia, Saudi-based Al Riyadh daily reports on Saturday, citing an executive.

    Construction work at the project is expected to start in the first quarter of 2011 and finish in early 2013, Abdulaziz Al Hamwah, vice chairman and managing director of the Modern Group, said, according to the paper.


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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on finalized deal for Saudi MMHC 700kmtpy Calciner using Petrobras green petcoke. The Saudi’s have several refinery expansions that include large new coking units and plans have previously included Resid HDS units which could make the domestic petcoke resemble Kuwait high sulfur anode blend coke.
    The HDS units are expensive and the coker projects have been cancled and rebid several times with lots cost cutting steps – so the deal for Petrobras petcoke sounds like good way to hedge the calciner bet & also provide some quality density blend coke if Saudi petcoke becomes quasi anode instead of fuel coke on new refineries.
    The Petrobras green petcoke has had few export moves into the market because the value on delivered fuel petcoke to Brazil is often more expensive that the FOB price of green anode petcokes. Alcan and GLC (now Oxbow) have purchased some Petrobras petcoke when available and market price justified it.
    Any way supply sourcing for MMHC goes down ….. the Global Merchant Calciners get screwed on supply & Aluminum price/supply gets more competative & consolidate in near future.

    The MMHC Calciner will join a growing number of ~ recent MidEast calciner/coker/smelting projects & most depending on Kuwiat green petcoke or shrinking China petcoke for feedstock:
    Alba -2001 Bahrain 675 Kmtpy Calciners (using increased Kuwait petcoke production & 3rd calciner using Chinese petcoke),
    Rain CII 2000 India 300 Kmtpy calciner – MidEast Exports (was using some Kuwait green petcoke but reduced min) ,
    Kuwait Calciners 2003 450 kmt Kuwait calciner domestic Kuwait petcoke supply
    Kuwait (3rd kiln) – PCIC JV(Kuwait/RainCII/Oxbow/others) Calciner 2006 Kuwait 350 kmtpy calciner -Chinese & Kuwait petcoke  
    Dubal – UAE 450 Kmtpy (postphoned?/+2013?) JV calciner Project.  
    Note I understand Oxbow has recently (Dec 2010) increased its 12.5% ownership in PCIC Kuwait JV calciner to 40% by buying out one other Kuwait investors (Kuwait still 15% & RainCII still 12.5% would leave 32.5% for remaining other Kuwait investors?).

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