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BP Whiting ‘on track’ with $3.8 billion project-6 drums arrive

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    Mitchell Moloney

    One-third of modernization complete, BP official says
    Bowdeya Tweh –, (219) 933-3316 | Posted: Friday, October 9, 2009 12:05 am

    WHITING | The road has been rocky since engineering and construction work began in May 2008 on BP Whiting Refinery’s $3.8 billion modernization project — touted as the largest single private investment in state history. There have been economic and fuel-price collapses; environmentalists and municipal officials challenged the project’s impact on the region’s air quality; and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents led a December raid leading to contract workers being arrested.

    Despite those challenges, BP spokesman Brad Etlin said the company is pleased with the progress of construction, equipment purchases and engineering — which is now about one-third complete. He said the project is on track to be completed in early 2012.

    The complete story is at

    Attached photo caption: New coke drums from Japan have arrived at BP as part of the modernization project. Six drums sit on land that BP is leasing from ArcelorMittal. Each coke drum weighs at least 400 tons and is 125 feet long and has a 32-foot diameter. The drums will be a part of the new petroleum coker, which will increase the production of the refining by-product petroleum coke. The coke has similar properties to coal and will be sold to power generation companies and steel mills.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on BP Whiting Refinery & Coker expansion. As article mentions the project is about 1/3 complete but is still fighting off environmentalist.
    <You know the Whiting Vendors & BP Refinery guys working there need to go to some these hearings & drown out these extreme liberal wingnut Serria Club types.>
    The Argus Petcoke Conference had presentation by DTE Petcoke (pulverized coke applications) and they just won the handling contract for the Whiting Petcoke.
    I understand the 3rd Party Petcoke Gasifier for Whiting petcoke is still alive but is on hold/delayed on timing. Not sure how that works with DTE handling since site Gasifier was next door to refinery.

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    Charles Randall

    <News item that DTE already mentioned at Argus Conference. – C Randall >
    BP awards coke terminal services contract to Michigan firm
    Bowdeya Tweh –, (219) 933-3316 | Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    BP Products North America’s Whiting Refinery awarded a multiyear petroleum coke terminal services contract to a subsidiary of an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based energy company.
    DTE Coal Services,
    a division of DTE Energy Co., will unload, store and load all of BP’s petcoke from trucks and rail cars into vessels and barges for delivery to BP’s customers, a company news release said. Information on the length and value of the deal weren’t released. Petcoke is a byproduct of the oil-refining process and can be sold for use in generating power or steelmaking operations.
    “The new bottom-dump system that we’ll be building will enable us to meet BP’s unloading requirements, as well as expand our capacity, provide flexibility and improve reliability at our Chicago Fuels Terminal,” said Matt Paul, DTE Coal Services president, in a news release. “We’re excited about this new opportunity and expanding our business with BP.”
    Refinery petcoke will increase to about 2.2 million tons per year, from 600,000 tons annually as a result of BP’s $3.8 billion expansion project to process more Canadian crude oil.
    DTE Coal Services announced the award Aug. 27.
    The company does solid fuel, transportation and equipment management services. DTE Coal Services, along with other DTE Energy affiliates, handles more than 50 million tons of coal annually.

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