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BP Tx City Shuts FCC for Day – Update

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    Charles Randall

    BP Shuts Texas City Refinery Gasoline Unit for a Day (Update1)
    2008-04-25 02:13 (New York)

    By Sophie Tan
         April 25 (Bloomberg) — BP Plc is shutting a gasoline-
    making unit starting today at its Texas City refinery, the
    third-biggest in the U.S., for routine maintenance, the company
    said in a statement to state regulators.
         The refiner will shut a fluid catalytic cracker unit, known
    as FCCU 1, at 7 a.m. local time until the same time the next day
    the company said. BP didn’t state the capacity of the unit in
    the statement.
         The refinery has a crude oil processing capacity of 475,000
    barrels a day, according to U.S. Energy Department data. A fluid
    catalytic cracker turns vacuum gasoil into gasoline and other
    lighter fuels.

    Stories on refinery disruptions: {NI REFOUT <GO>}.
    Stories on oil markets: {NI OILMARKET <GO>}.

    –Editors: Nesa Subrahmaniyan, Amit Prakash.

    To contact the reporter on the story:
    Sophie Tan in Singapore at +65-6212-1162 or

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    Looks like Tx City FCC is back on today:

    BP Is Starting Gasoline Unit at Texas City, Texas, Refinery
    2008-05-19 15:08 (New York)
    By Robert Tuttle
         May 19 (Bloomberg) — BP Plc, Europe’s second-largest oil
    company by market value, is starting up a gasoline-producing
    fluid catalytic cracker at its Texas City, Texas, refinery, a
    person familiar with the plant’s operations said.
         The unit, which was shut April 25 for repairs, is returning
    to operation as another gasoline-making device called an
    alkylation unit is being ramped up to full output, said the
    person, who declined to be named. The alkylation unit was
    started last week.
         The 475,000 barrel-a-day Texas City plant, BP’s largest in
    the U.S., has been running at reduced capacity since an
    explosion and hurricane damaged the refinery in 2005. In March,
    the company returned a crude distillation unit to service at the
    plant, the last big step in restoring normal production.

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