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BP Tx City Expects Start CU today – Update2

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    Charles Randall

    BP Texas City Refinery Expects to Start Crude Unit (Update2)
      2008-02-04 10:58 (New York)

      By Robert Tuttle
           Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) — BP Plc, Europe’s second-biggest oil
      company, expects to start operation today on a 250,000 barrel-a-
      day crude unit that has been down for more than two years
    at its
      Texas City, Texas, refinery, the company said in a filing with
      environmental regulators.
           BP started over the weekend a 120,000 barrel-a-day,
      gasoline-producing fluid catalytic cracking unit that shut last
      week because of an electrical fault
    , according to a person
      familiar with the plant’s operations.
           The refinery is returning to normal operation after
      stopping production in 2005 when Hurricane Rita struck the Texas
      coast. The refinery also sustained damage in a March 2005
      explosion and fire that killed 15 people.
           The crude unit, referred to as “pipestill 3B,” separates
      oil into its various components for further processing into
      fuels. BP expects the refinery to process 400,000 barrels of oil
      a day by the end of March
    . The refinery has been running at
      about half of its maximum capacity of 475,000 barrels a day
      since 2006, when it began to start units.
           BP said the startup of the crude unit may be delayed until
      Feb 15, according to the report
    . Spokeswoman Valerie Corr
      declined to comment on the timing of the startup.
           Royal Dutch Shell Plc is the biggest European oil company.

      –Editor: Bill Banker, Dan Stets

      To contact the reporter on this story:
      Robert Tuttle in New York at +1-212-617-3465 or<>

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    Charles Randall

    Just saw this news update on Tx City trying Startup again after last weeks FCC electrical failure. 
    I wonder why no ones looked into sabotage on this yet? Should probably start by looking into the maintenance guys – 2 years getting online is way above average for experienced plant folks getting back online & staying there.  And this is just  way too many string of  “accidents”…. to be accidents. I remember someone called in bomb threat 2 years ago (but was just threat) – still indicates someone isn’t right in the head about the explosion.
    You’d think they would pull records to see which guy has highest count for being at impacted unit prior to an accident.
    If I was Operations guy over refinery – I’d bring in a “Start-up” crew from another refinery (or draft some Engr. “suits” if I had too) and not turn it over until it was up running & checked out.  Then bring employees back & monitor every one for awhile. <But then I get a little paranoid around refineries & accidents – and go little overboard, just want everyone clock out the same way they clocked in that day.>

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    I worked in the refinery as an Instrument Specialist. They are going trough a total re-commissioning and anyone can slow it down. The only sabotage done was by BP. If you ever worked in that plant you would understand.

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