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BP restores US Whiting (Tx City?) Capacity March

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    Charles Randall

    BP Restored US Whiting Refinery To 360,000 B/D Capacity March

    LONDON 4.29/08 -(Dow Jones)- BP PLC (BP) Tuesday said it restored its Whiting refinery to its full, clean-fuel capability of 360,000 barrels a day in March and successfully restarted the sour crude distillation capacity at the Texas City refinery with most of its refining capacity on track to be restored by mid-2008
    “We expect continued improvement in BP’s refining availability as the units at Texas City come onstream progressively during the rest of the year”, BP said, as it presented its financial results for the first quarter of 2008.
    -By Alexander Kolyandr, Dow Jones Newswires; +44 (0)20 78429410;

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    Charles Randall

    FYI – BP Update, but looks like Dow J may have screwed title of this one up = title reads Whiting Refinery but part article talks also about Texas City without topic change? Havent seen anything in news (or Bloomberg Refinery Schedule) on recent BP Whiting T/A or S/D for maintenance work? But lot details do match BP Tx City case.
    BP Tx City (465 MBD) returned crude unit service in March that had been down since 2005 & was returning Alky unit service April 14-28, all units by June 2008.  Think last coker started up with crude unit – did have to run coker B at reduced rates when FCC’s ESP tripped out 4/25 <take 2 wks for repair now>.
    BP Whiting (405 MBD) – nothing has really happened recently <other than news BP purchased its power plant from partner NiSource (NG Gasification plant) & NIPSCO was blocked out of bid due BP ‘first rights” on purchase.>

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    Charles Randall

    Sorry, my “Bad” – just noticed that we have news post on “Coker News” section for BP Whiting returning crude units from downtime on 4/3/08.   So news items is probably just mixed item about both BP Whiting & BP Tx City.

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