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Bottom Unheading Valve Chute

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    Freddy Martinez

    Anyone has known the effect of bottom chute? I couldn’t find any information about this.
    Could anyone explain the bottom chute easily? I would be happy that you mention related website on the bottom chute.
    Actually, i am not familiar with this equipment, though.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

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    The Bottom Unheading Valve Chute, also called the Discharge Chute, is a pipe that has a flange on the top end.  This flange bolts to the bottom of the Unheading Valve.  The chute passes through the hole in the floor of the bottom unheading deck immediately below the coke drum flange.  The purpose of the Chute is to funnel the coke passing through the Unheading Valve during the cutting operation to the deck below where it is directed to the coke pit, rail cars, or crusher cars.  The Chute is not a pressure containing device.  The Chute length is specified during the design stage so that it remains engaged with the hole in the coke deck floor as the drum expands and contracts.   The bottom end of the Chute typically does not have a flange.  A seal is placed around the OD of the Chute where it passes through the coke deck floor.  This seal acts as a barrier between the vapors exiting the Chute and the bottom unheading deck.  Hope this helps.

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    if you got lucky and have a slide valve, then you got a fixed chute and no major problems, other than keeping bolts in place.
    for must of us still dealing with telecopic chutes, then dealing with chute unbalance due to lost guides (pieces of metal ending on coke pit), chute hydraulics failing, etc, wish you best luck.
    Just one more thing, either fix or telescopic chute, it is not the part will take out your breath, so hold it until you get your coker going….

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    Desh 562001

    Any information on how you have ‘dovetailed’ the bottom circular end of the chute with the rectangular mouth of the chute which takes the coke into the cokepit ? I understand that this may be telescopic; what about the gap between the circular outlet and the rectangular inlet? any sealent is recommended ? Experts opinion is solicited. 

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