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    I would like to get feedback from refiners in how they are dealing with Blowing Sulfur Seal legs. There are still quite a few refiners out there that don’t have Sul-Traps and the Seal legs end up being the “PSV” on the back end of their Sulfur Train. My question to Operations type:

    -What pressure do your seal legs lift at?
    -What type of Safety procedures do you have around this issue
    -When Seal legs blow, do you have to report it as a violation to your Environmental group?

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    Pete Bisila

    Our seal legs are set to lift at between 9 and 15psig, depending on the unit.
    We have high pressure critical alarms that alert the board operator of the situation.
    Blowing a seal leg would be considered an environmental release of sulfur and H2S.

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    Our seal legs are at 196in and there are high pressure alarms and an evacuation of the site before the limit of the legs is reached. And if it were to blow, it would be considered a reccordable environmental incident as well as a safety incident.

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