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    Anybody using vent gas compressors (i.e. screw type) to recover the bolwdown gas and send it to the suction of the WG compressors?. I heard that you may also use ejectors instead of rotating equipment. Any reliability issues?.
    Thanks, R.I.

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    Depend if the pressure in the blowdown is 5 psig higher than the suction pressure you can used the wet gas compressor 

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    Claus Graf

    Reliance is recovering gases normally sent to flare from the blowdown system with ejectors. See document in the link below.

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    yes,  since 2006,  been operating 2 screw compressors on the flare system and sending them back to the gas plant

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    Is there any other coker, besides Reliance Jamnagar in India, using ejectors to recover coke drum vents to blowdown?
    What’s the lowest pressure can get at coke drum before venting to atm., after quench, without using ejectors at blowdown?

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