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Blending Bitumen with Syncrude

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    Charles Randall

    ConocoPhillips &  EnCana combined assets to blend Bitumen with Syncrude, increase the production from 50 MBD to 400 MBD by 2015, and then process all the crude in COP Borger & Woodriver Refineries after increasing Heavy Oil capacity from 60 MBD to 550 MBD to match the increased production.  Each are to invest $7.5 Billion in each others operations over the next 10 years and the venture will become a 50/50 partnership. Both COP refineries had new coker addition projects on PGES New Coker Additions list.
    EnCana was originally linked to the Valero Lima Refinery Coker expansion but the heavy crude agreement fell apart earlier in the year when the $2 Billion price tag was too much for Valero, although the $400 million Coker expansion is still going forward and updates on the expansion were recently announced, and the Petcoke IGCC project size was increased to 600 MW. 
    See One Partner Two Deals for ConoccoPhillips in the Refinery News section

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