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Beware Report – Petcoke the coal hiding in Oil/Tar Sands

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    basil parmesan

    See PDF link bottom from friend – beware the report & data, neither pass smell test for truth to anyone outside enviornmental movement..Regards Charlie
    Yes I saw it back early Feb & saved the pdf but didnt trust info because it was another Environmental slam against Oil Sands/Petcoke/Koch Brothers and the XL pipeline. ANd I am sick of thier crap and wading thru BS to find out what they “fixed” or assumed to get results.
    OCI is new entity for me and I havent had chance to compare thier “cherry picked info”. As with the Argonne Labs, National Resource Defence Fund, and dozen other Serria Club cloned stalking horses – they put in elements of truth but make bunch of bad assumpitons that favor green positions: Example the “wells to wheels” – 90% emissions are from cars gas tank to exhaust but cannot go after cars so try punish exploration & refining segment for the emissions but use the “W2W” tagline. Even then they loaded the study by using 1990’s oil production technology/refining emisssions pre LS Fuels investments/next generation efficiency for electric cars-ethanol production ect.
    The Environmental movement have become almost desparate to kill off the CA oil sands production because it destroys their efforts for last 20 years to kill off refining in this country. Koch brothers so far are really only ones fighting back and giving facts against propaganda that exposes lies. Its good that the XL pipeline is already half in from Cushing to Gulf but wouldnt be supprised if Obama kills top half off & forces CA to export to China (one favorite themes of thiers the surplus diesel US sells to EU is just CA Bitumen we didnt need – stupid).
    Charlie did you see this?. It’s a very detailed analysis of pet coke production from tar sands in Canada, coal vs. coke for CO2 and energy , keystone pipeline, cokers and other goodies including a jab at the Koch brothers. It is clearly a supporter of climate change and how pet coke and coal contribute to GHG, but their statements appear to be well documented.

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