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Best pratice for final cutting

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    What is the best practice for final cut ? from bottom to top or from top to bottom. I´ve listened that  the majority makes it from the bottom. That is truth?

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    We cut our drums from top to bottom, to reduce the chance of getting the manual shift cutting tool stuck in the drum, should a cave in occur.

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    well i heard from flowserve that the best practise will be to do a cone cut on the bottom then proceed with cutting from top. However, depends on the type of coke that you are making. Shot coke have higher tendency for cave in. Thus, top to bottom more advisable. 

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    I think you’re refering to the final clean out after you are fairly confident the drum is cut.  Ive personally cut approx 80 – 100 drums and found the best practice for a final cut would be to move up slowly from the very bottom. Look for 3 things 1) if possible maintain visual contact with the chute and look for clear water. Any sign of black means you have more coke….clean this out and start over at the bottom. 2) Listen for the water hitting the wall.  3) pay close attention to your drum temps…a rapid conciderable temp drop is a good indication of that section of the drum is clean. REMEMBER: none of this as an exact science. Experience is your best protection against leaving coke in a drum.

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    ted pivo

    having 25 yrs experience the best was to scale the drum the final time is bottom to top; rotation and raising speed is as SLOW AS YOU CAN GO, watch for changes is water pattern, in ckoe chute, balck fines require rescale, noise changes indicate coke left in drum. like someone stated experience is your best pratice

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    best practice in my opinion is to cut the coke from bottm to top first,about 4 meter thrn cut it from top to bottom slowly

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    I been working in 14 delayed coker and our procedure is from the bottom to the top without any problem

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