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AutoShift Combination Decoking Cutting Tool

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    Have anyone experience with AutoShift Combination Decoking Cutting Tool? I mean good things or bad things about them?
    Who sell such things?

    Thank you

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    Roy Smith

    Flowserve has an Autoshift cutting tool.  Please give me a call and I can provide you with all the information and references.  My phone is 713-803-4418 and email is

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    ted pivo

    flowserve’s & ruhrpumpen both have auto shift tools

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    Can the Autoshift Cutting Tool users provide any real world feedback to this forum ?

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    Robert Kamp

    Not yet…we’re still getting ours dialed in. The rep from ruhrpumpen is here working on the problem. It’s a low pressure switchover problem.

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    We have Autoshift bits from Flowserve and haven’t had any problems with our in the two years since we started up our coker.

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    ted pivo

    my only comment is flowserves tool has to be sent to the shop for repairs . Ruhrpumpens inards can be replaced by removing 6 bolts ,pulling the cartariage , install new cart and re bolt

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    We have flowserv type auto switch bits, we love them, but follow maintainance and lubrication procedures

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