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Automatic quench procedure

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    Freddy Martinez

    The water quench procedure in our DCU is stepwise and manually executed by the boardman.
    We would like to know the maturity of automatic quench procedure in DCU.

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    yes, we have our quench water injetc automatically, if you have control process guy they can do it, depend your design only you have to take care if with pressure of the drum because this program have to take a look over the pressure if the pressure going higher the program have to redudc o stay in the same flow yif the pressure still higer the program reduce the water (you have to keep this pressure below the pressure of the safety valve

    best regards

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    Thanks for your reply.
    We believe it is easy to write the software program for stepwise quench water injection.
    The major issue is that the boardman need to take care of the drum overall condition during the water quench.

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    your welcome, if you read spanish I can send you the narrative for this program, send me you email best Regards


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