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Automatic deheading on top

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    We are looking at installing top automatic deheading devices, most of the discussion centers around the bottom head. Are there any companies contemplating replacing the the top heads with auto devices? If so is the decision based on a risk analysis (safety) or comercial reasons (cycle time?, etc.) Thanks,

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    Ken Osment

    Our new coker set uses a Delta-Valve top head system. As such we are looking at retrofitting our existing 12 drums. Real Estate is our obvious hurdle however there are many other systems which accomplish much the same thing allbeit not quite as elegantly. The bottom line is operator safety, and anything we can do elliminate the necessity of being close to coke drums during deheading and cutting the better.

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    We are pursuing Auto Top Heads at several sites. Justifications are Safety in all cases, with some reducing or eliminating waterover during quenching as 2nd justification.

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    Just to let you know, Zimmermann & Jansen is supplier for Coker unit top Un-heading and bottom De-heading valves.
    In top Un-heading we have numerous successful installations working.
    I bottom De-heading we have shipped our 1st valve for installation in late December 2005.
    Our top Un-heading valve can be configured with electric or hydraulic actuation.
    Additionally we can configure our valves with other top-works vendors to make the top Un-heading operation completely remote.
    Please contact us at our offices in Germany or USA.
    Germany: Peter Viess – +(49) 2421-691-0
    USA: Bredo Christensen – (281) 446-8000

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    James Schroeder

    What actuators have you supplied with your De-hedding valves?  Have yor ever supplied BLAC actuators?  What actuator was used on the Un-heading valve?

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    Michael Lemeshev

    Dear Mr. Schroeder,

    We have used both electric and hydraulic actuators. We have utilized BLAC, Inc. and can accommodate others as well.   Please contact me to discuss in detail.

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