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Australian ExxonMobil Refinery may shut on Carbon Scheme – paper

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    Charles Randall

    Australia refinery may shut on carbon scheme -paper

    Reuters – Wednesday, July 9
    SYDNEY, July 9 – One of Australia’s biggest oil refineries may be forced to close after the government introduces a carbon-emissions trading scheme, refinery operator ExxonMobil was quoted as saying on Wednesday
    The government’s climate-change adviser, Ross Garnaut, urged Australia last week to adopt a broad-based regime whereby tough curbs would be placed on greenhouse gas emissions from 2010, with cleaner businesses able to sell emission credits to dirtier ones.
    ExxonMobil believes its Altona refinery, which employs 350 people and supplies half of Victoria state’s fuel needs, could become unviable under the proposed regime because overseas rivals do not have to pay to emit greenhouse gases.
    “If you put a carbon price on Australian petroleum refining we’d find it very difficult, if not impossible, to recoup any of those costs because the price of petroleum products in Australia reflects the regional market,” ExxonMobil Australia chairman Mark Nolan was quoted saying in the Herald Sun newspaper.
    The 130,000 barrels-per-day Altona refinery represents 16 percent of Australia’s total refining capacity.
    Garnaut’s report said the energy and transport sectors should be included in the scheme, but big companies whose foreign rivals are free to pollute should be offered some compensation.


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    Charles Randall

    Here is example of things to come and example of stupidity of the Kyoto & Carbon Tax schemes – they force closure of good operating refineries in favor of imported product from overseas rivals doing more polluting who have no obligations to either trade or control emissions under Kyoto or Carbon Tax schemes. 
    Most of Australian refineries are very simple in terms of complexity and therefore margins are already small. But nearby Asian competitors are “labeled” undeveloped countries ….like China…..and therefore get free walk on environmental regulations under Kyoto! Even though China has now risen (also under Kyoto due to this Nimby unfair trading advantage) to Worlds largest polluter and its Government owned Refineries are giants and often subsidized to maintain fuel prices at quarter of the price elsewhere in the world.
    Carbon Tax ….. in any country is just another costly & stupid program pushed by traders, consultants and environmentalist devoid of understanding of the energy industry trying to meet consumer demands and evidently the negative impacts they bring to global environment. 

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    The closure of ExxonMobile plant in Altona may find 350 people looking for other positions within the workforce but this would a minor proportion out of a population of some 40,000 or more residents within close proximity to the refinery. The health benefits, real estate prices and able to breath clean air would far outweigh the job losses. I am sure a huge percentage of the Hobsons Bay residents would agree if a survey was undertaken.

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    Charles Randall

    Typical Liberal/Environmental response – Big size letters for small comments that go heart of why your wrong on so many levels. A selfish, self-centered, Nimby approach that is counter to any common-sense approach. 
    Many thousands of jobs have been lost globally – 350 at time from selfish and shortsighted outlook. And many environmental surveys with twisted questions along these lines – make them put this plant/facility/utility anywhere else so their neighborhood gets clean air/higher real estate values & better views.  Or worse (where we are now) another country and puts our national security hostage to their politics/demands and our average worker much poorer.
    Mature intelligent people like the workers at this website know better  – the water treatment plants, firehouse, electric substation, plant and anything your area needs – have to go where they are needed. Otherwise no one can afford the cost, or have the safety & health benefits or a good lifestyle.
    Liberal Environmentalist are almost always elite’s & NIMBY’s who are used to lifetime going to countries with beautiful areas separated from extreme poverty/squalor by fence or security. Live in expensive neighborhoods where cost real-estate keeps all but wealthy from living – certainly not average people and definitely not the plants and very resources they must have to exist at those estate areas.
    Go push your crap at one of your captive sites – this one requires you plug in your brain not quote rhetoric that makes no sense.

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    As a Independent Carbon & Coke Consultant I would lay off the latter, obviously the fumes have gone to your head.

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