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    Refinery Status: Tesoro Reports Hawaii Refinery -2-

    Published August 03, 2011 – Dow Jones Newswires

    The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn’t purport to be a comprehensive list.
    BP Plc (BP) shut one of three crude units at its 405,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Whiting, Ind., for unplanned repairs, a person familiar with operations said Aug. 3.

    Tesoro Corp.’s (TSO) 93,500 barrel-a-day refinery in Kapolei, Hawaii, shut down after a power outage on August 2, a company spokesman said. The refinery was expected to restart the following day. Supply was not impacted, the spokesman said.

    Valero Energy Corp. (VLO) on Aug. 1 said it restarted the third crude distillation unit at its Texas City, Texas, refinery. The CDU was expected to be at planned rates within a few days, a Valero spokesman said.

    ExxonMobil Corp. (XOM) on July 30 reported emissions at its huge Baytown, Texas, oil refinery during the planned shutdown of Hydrofining Unit 3. was in the process of shutting down as planned Saturday when an associated tower over pressured, releasing emissions to the flare system, the company said in a report to Texas state environmental regulators. The report did not state the reason for the unit’s shutdown or how long it will be out of service.

    A key gasoline-making FCCU at BP PLC’s Texas City, Texas, oil refinery lost circulation on July 29, causing an upset that resulted in excess opacity and emissions at the refinery for about nine hours, the company said in a report to Texas state environmental regulators. FCCU was stabilized and resumed normal operations, the report said.

    Valero Energy (VLO) on July 29 said the restart of the third crude unit at its Texas City, Texas, refinery was on track for late this week. The unit was taken out of service on July 18 to repair a leak while the two other crude distillation units remained in operation.

    North Atlantic Refining on July 29 said its 115,000-barrel-a-day refinery in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, is in the process of restarting after a longer-than-expected period of planned maintenance. The pl

    ant-wide turnaround began in early May and was planned to end in mid July. However, on July 5, the company delayed the start-up until the end of the month.

    BP PLC (BP, BP.LN) on July 29 began the process of restarting a residual hydrotreating unit, or RHU, train at its refinery in Texas City, Texas. The train was depressurized on July 18 to facilitate repairs to fix a leak at the unit’s heat exchanger. Two other trains at the RHU continued to operate during the repairs.

    Husky Energy (HSE.T, HUSKF) on July 28 said turnaround maintenance on isocracking units at its Toledo and Lima, Ohio, oil refineries will take place in the third quarter of 2011. General maintenance will go on simultaneously at the Toledo refinery.

    Western Refining Inc. (WNR) on July 27 said its El Paso, Texas, refinery is in the process of restarting following a widespread power outage and plant-wide shutdown the night before.

    Total Petrochemicals USA on July 26 began the process of restarting several processing units at its Port Arthur, Texas, oil refinery after a lightning strike earlier on July 26 forced shutdowns, the company said in a report to Texas state environmental regulators.

    Valero Energy (VLO) on July 26 announced third-quarter turnaround maintenance plans for a crude unit and a coker unit in the east plant at its Corpus Christi, Texas, refinery for three weeks starting in October. Six weeks of planned maintenance will begin in October at a crude unit and FCCU at its Three Rivers, Texas, refinery.

    Alon USA Energy Inc. (ALJ) recently began turnaround maintenance at a key gasoline-making unit at its oil refinery in Big Spring, Texas, a report to Texas state environmental regulators made public on July 25 said. The date of the unit’s return to normal service wasn’t provided.

    Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) on July 25 confirmed an equipment malfunction and the emissions associated with the event at its Joliet refinery in Channahon, Ill., but would not provide further details.

    Valero Energy on July 25 said a coker unit at its refinery in Texas City, Texas, continues to operate following a power “blip” at an associated compressor. The event had no material impact on production.

    For more detailed information, search Dow Jones Newswires using the code N/REF.

    Operator Refinery Capacity Description Restart (in 000s bbl/day)






    BP Texas City, TX 437.0 FCCU#1 lost circulation on July 29 causing an upset that re- sulted in increased opacity and emissions for about nine hours. The unit was stabilized and re- sumed normal service. Residual hydrotreating unit train in restart on July 29; it was depressurized 7/18 to repair heat exchanger leak. Two other trains trains functioned throughout the repair. Refinery should return to full capacity in August after April power outage reduced rates.

    Exxon Baytown, TX 560.6 Upsets at two FCCUs results in Mobil flaring on July 16. Status of units unclear.

    Total Port Arthur, Tx 232.0 Several unspecified process units restarted on July 26 after light- ning strike earlier on 7/16 shut them down.

    Valero Texas City, TX 245.0 The plant’s third crude unit restarted on July 30 after being shut down on July 18 to repair a leak.

    Western El Paso, TX 125.0 Refinery restarting following July 27 Refining plant-wide shutdown on storm- related power outages on July 26.


    Exxon Channanhon, Mobil, IL (Joliet) 238.6 July 24 equipment malfunction and emissions confirmed by Co. on 7/25. No further details provided.


    Exxon Billings,MT 60.0 Production at minimum rates due to ruptured Silvertip Pipeline. Company looking for alternative crude sources, to co. said on July 5.




    North St. John’s 115.0 Refinery in restart on July 29. End of Atlantic Plant-wide maintenance began in July early May and was extended on July 5.




    Alon Big Spring, TX 67.0 FCCU turnaround maintenance underway, a filing to environmental regulators made public on July 24 said

    Conoco Borger, TX 146.0 Planned maintenance of Unit 29 July 16 electrostatic precipitators starting July 6.

    Exxon Baytown, TX 560.0 The planned shutdown of hydrofiner unit 3 caused emissions on; July 30 reason for unit shutdown not clear; restart information not available.

    Motiva Port Arthur, TX 285.0 . Completion now seen 1Q 2012, from 2010.

    Valero Corpus Christi, TX 315.0 Crude & coker unit turnaround to start in Oct. 2011 for three weeks.

    Valero McKee TX 170.0 Crude Unit and FCCU to undergo 3Q 2011 turnaround maintenance for six weeks starting in Oct. 2011, the co. said on July 26. Vacuum unit turnaround planned for first half of 2012, co. said. Expansion project announced March 2011 to increase crude oil throughput by 25,000 b/d to 195,000 b/d.

    Valero Norco, LA 185.0 Hydrocracker project will pro- 2013 ceed and be completed in late 2013, the co. said on 7/27/10. Upgrade project to build 2012 a new diesel hydrotreater unit moved from 2010 to 4Q 2012.

    Valero Port Arthur, TX 325.0 Hydrocracker project will proceed and be completed in late 2012.


    BP Whiting, IN 405.0 Turnaround at Pipestill 12 de- layed by 3 months; it was sup- posed to begin in November, a source said on Mar 25.

    Cenovus Roxana, IL 306.0 Coker and refinery expansion Q4 2011 (Conoco/WRB) project on track for comple- tion 4thQ 2011, the co. said

    on July 26, 2011.

    CVR Coffeyville, KS 115.7 Periodic turnaround will take place in two phases beginning in Fall 2011 and completed in Spring 2012.

    Husky Lima, OH 160.0 15-day isocracker maintenance to Energy replace reactor catalyst will begin in 3rd Q 2011. Refinery will operate at 90% of capacity during that time. 15-days of maintenance planned Autumn at aromatics unit in the fall 2012 of 2012.

    Husky Toledo, OH 140.0 Isocracker maintenance and gen-Energy eral maintenance for 38 days will commence in Q3 2011, the Co. said on July 28. Minor maintenance planned in 4Q 2011, the co. said on July 28; no details provided.

    Tesoro Mandan, ND 58.0 Total crude-oil processing

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